Pastor Easley, Senior Pastor of The Carpenter's House Baltimore, is persistent in his message which has undoubtedly impacted generations through community outreach and mentorship. With over 20 years of public service in Maryland's correctional institution, it has allowed him to understand that every person has a soul and they are worth fighting for. Pastor Easley focuses on the spiritual liberation of God’s people which has allowed him to spread the gospel beyond the church walls – whether it is taking time to participate in prayer walks around the city or committing his time and resources to disproportionately affected communities. Much of his ministry has been given to understanding the trends in youth culture and the struggles of both the social and economic impact that affects families and underserved communities. Pastor Easley has been commissioned by God to help reach the lost, heal the hurt and mend the wounded.

Pastor Easley is married to Dornee Easley, a lover and servant of God who supports him in ministry, and is also the wonderful father of four. He continues to serve the people because of his love for God, and will continue to give his time to those that need it most.